Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Our next task was to create a short clip about the use of expressions or non-verbal communication. We were asked to create a short clip without any dialogue and try to convey our message by our body language, and of course, various sound effects. Ahmad Muslim came up with the idea of bullying and friendship. Thus, he wrote the storyboard and we all had a look at it and gave our ideas as well. After some editing and quarreling (kidding!!) we set off to the playground nearby to start our shooting.

The short clip that we shot was about two girls who loves to bully other kids. Their characters were played by Khairunnisa and Hishafinaz. I played the character of an innocent boy. Our characters were at the playground playing the swings. The girls played in a rough way and started to get bored while the boy was minding his own business on a swing not far away. Soon, the girls decided to beat the boy up because they had nothing else to do. They slowly walked over and beat the boy from head to toe. The boy fell and one girl hit him on the head with a big stick. She hurt him badly and they realised that they had been very bad indeed. Another boy came, played by Muslim and he reprimanded the girls. He helped the injured boy up and brought him back to his house together with the remorseful girls. They tended to him and all of them ended up being friends. The moral of the story is that bullying is never an option.

We showed the short clip on the appointed day and I believe that my classmates really enjoyed in. Our lecturer also enjoyed our short clip and told us that we were one of the best. She gave our group an incentive to work harder. We were all very happy and proud to have done a great job.


  1. Your group deserves the handsome reward.
    I was surprised on your role in the mime, you look so "adorable". ~ >:D

    By the way, good job. :)

    ✾ K ✾

  2. Yes, I agree. It was a well-enacted video clip which was funny too.
    Mdm. Ira